Climbing Formwork Systems

Climbing Formwork Systems Climbing formwork systems are used in places such as walls on the outer surface of high-rise buildings and viaducts where casting is

Telescopic Prop Systems

Telescopic Prop Systems The telescopic prop floor formwork system is very easy to use and has a high number of re-use. Working capacity, lifetime, and

Single Surface Wall Formwork Systems

Single Surface Wall Formwork System Single Surface Wall Formwork System is used in reinforced concrete structures such as retaining walls, thick walls, dam structures that

H Type Safety Scaffolding Systems

H TYPE SAFETY SCAFFOLDING SYSTEMS H Type Safety Scaffolding System “H” Type Safety Face Work Scaffolding consists of H frame element, horizontal-diagonal element, walking platforms,

Safety Systems

Safety Systems The safety net console is a system installed two or three floors below the working floor. It protects both floor workers and people

Ringlock Systems

Flanged Type Scaffolding Systems (Ringlock) The flanged scaffolding system can be used safely in all kinds of structures and flooring, both as an under-form carrier

Facade Ringlock Scaffolding Systems

Facade Ringlock Scaffolding System The KMK Ring Flanged Scaffolding System is generally used as an “exterior face work scaffold,” but it is also used as

Cuplock Scaffolding Systems

Cuplock Scaffolding System Cup-lock scaffold slab formwork system is a system that can produce very practical and suitable solutions for beams, hollow blocks or cork,

Circular Wall Formwork Systems

CIRCULAR WALL FORMWORK SYSTEMS It is a system used in curtain walls of different diameters. The panels created at the beginning of the work can