H Type Safety Scaffolding Systems


H Type Safety Scaffolding System

“H” Type Safety Face Work Scaffolding consists of H frame element, horizontal-diagonal element, walking platforms, covered platforms, and toe board elements. These scaffolds are used in projects such as high-rise buildings, residences, business and shopping centers, industrial buildings, energy facilities, hospital health facilities, restoration, etc. It is a system that is easy to install and dismantle, consisting of a plug-in frame, saving labor and time. The system consists of H frame, cross, horizontal, platform, guardrail, toe board, pier wall connection, and adjustable adjustment shafts. The system is a certified product in accordance with TS-EN 12810 norms.

It provides safe working environments with metal walking platforms on each floor. Floor passage is provided safely with covered platforms. In order to prevent the scaffold from tipping over, H frames are anchored to the building from a certain number of connection points specified in the standards.

System features:

  • All elements of the “H” type safety scaffold are coated with hot dip galvanized against corrosion.
  • System complies with TS-EN 12810-12811 standards.
  • It saves time in installation and dismantling.
  • No tools are required to set up the system.
  • The security console, which is installed two or three floors below the working floor, aims to protect both the employees on the floor and the people below by catching the people and materials falling from the working area.

The system consists of a row of safety net stretched between steel profiles and a safety net placed on it.

System features:

  • The, protruding distance from the face of the building is 3 meters.
  • Standard widths are 400 cm and 600 cm.
  • The system is moved from floor to floor by crane.
  • During the assembly, the two consoles should be overlapped at least 75 cm on top of each other.
  • Safety nets of 10×10 cm gap size are used to catch people and large materials. As the second row on the main carrier, a net is used to catch small objects and to prevent the employee from feeling dizzy when looking down from above.

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