Cuplock Scaffolding Systems

Cuplock Scaffolding System

Cup-lock scaffold slab formwork system is a system that can produce very practical and suitable solutions for beams, hollow blocks or cork, and all other floorings. Especially the level differences existing on the floor or the surface can be solved very easily with this system. The system consists of a small number of elements, and therefore it is very easy to install. The horizontal elements are fixed to the cup-lock strut element with a single hammer blow at one point. Cup locking systems placed at 50 or 100 cm intervals on the vertical elements are the connection points of the horizontal elements. The locking system consists of the lower bowl welded to the vertical element and the upper bowl moving on the vertical element. The horizontal element placed between the upper and lower bowl by rotating downwards with the blow of the upper bowl hammer fixes the heads rigidly.

Because a rigid system is formed with the connection of horizontal and vertical elements in the Cup-lock scaffolding system, a scaffolding installation with high load carrying capacity is provided. For example, when a prop with a 50 cm cup spacing is connected on four sides with horizontal elements, the load-carrying capacity of a bar is approximately 6 tons, with a cup spacing of 100 cm, it is 5 tons.

Cup-lock Scaffolding System features :

  • The stocking area of the elements is very small and takes up little space.
  • Its installation is simple, and any worker can install it.
  • Very suitable solutions can be produced for the elevation differences on the floor and ceiling.
  • 4 horizontal elements converge at a single point.
  • Suitable solutions are produced for all kinds of flooring.
  • It has a high carrying capacity.
  • The system consists of a small number of elements.

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