Wedged and Pinned Light Panel Systems

Wedged and Pinned Light Panel Systems

Modular system formwork can be moved manually or, if desired, by a crane by assembling the panels together. According to the selected system, practical and useful formwork panels are created thanks to the combination parts consisting of 5 + 5 pin and the wedge pairs. It is much more economical than timber.

Standard size elements are produced for outer and inner corner turns. Apart from the standard 90 corners, different angles and adjustable corner elements are also produced. Props serve as support and anchoring between two panels. It also acts as a carrier in escalating the formworks. The drilling of the panels is prevented thanks to the prop used, as the connecting anchor with the formwork on the opposite side is made through the holes on the prop.

The surface of the wedged panels is made of 3 mm and 2.5 mm thick sheet metal. Edge borders are; 8 cm wide 3 mm thick sheet metal, with 5 cm apart wedge holes between them. Depending on the size of the panel, several rows of supporting belts are placed. Serial assembly and disassembly can be achieved by creating a special production suitable for the project.

Pinboard formwork; side and middle support sheets are manufactured in 5 mm thickness and surface sheet in 3 mm thickness. Edge borders are 6 cm. with pinholes of 5 cm apart.

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