Telescopic Prop Systems

Telescopic Prop Systems

The telescopic prop floor formwork system is very easy to use and has a high number of re-use. Working capacity, lifetime, and precision are at the highest level. Its efficiency in flooring and under beam works is high. It is a “flexible” floor formwork system that can be easily applied to all kinds of structures. Due to the high carrying capacity of the parts that make up the system, formwork installation and removal are very fast. Formworks of large areas can be established in a short time. According to the load from the floor, the prop spaces can be opened more. It can be easily adjusted depending on the variable floor heights.

In our standard production; Inner pipes are 0 48.3-3 mm, outer pipes are 0 60.3 – 2.5 mm, a fine adjustment screw is 0 60.3-3 mm. However, we also have productions in special lengths, diameters, and wall thicknesses. Pipes are tested and TSE certified, and the quality class is ST 37.

The ridge slots of the telescopic props, which are two types as floor and under beam, are made of 5 mm sheet metal.

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