Facade Ringlock Scaffolding Systems

Facade Ringlock Scaffolding System

The KMK Ring Flanged Scaffolding System is generally used as an “exterior face work scaffold,” but it is also used as an underfloor carrier scaffold or as a ladder tower in various structures. It consists of a horizontal element, a vertical element, a walking platform, lower adjustment shaft parts, and several accessories. Vertical pipes usually have flanges with an interval of 50 cm and dovetail in horizontal and cross elements. It is easy to install and stock. It can be easily shaped according to the shape of the building. For this reason, it is preferred in industrial facilities, oil refineries, shipyards, constructions, entertainment sectors, and concert or sports areas where temporary tribunes are needed. The system is dipped galvanized resistant to corrosion. KMK Ring Flanged Scaffolding System is a certified product in accordance with TS -EN 12810 norms.

System features:

  • It is designed in such a way that only one person can install it, and it can be installed and removed quickly.
  • The system consists of vertical and horizontal elements.
  • The dovetails are attached to the flange with the help of a single hammer and tightened with a wedge.
  • When the props are connected with a horizontal element with 100 cm, it has a carrying capacity of 6 tons.
  • It can be applied to all kinds of architecture thanks to 8 different connection points on the flange welded to vertical elements.
  • By attaching rivets to the wedge ends, the removal of the wedge is prevented. In this way, the accessory is not lost, and a secure lock is provided.
  • Walking platforms are produced with perforated holes for safety. Walking platforms are securely mounted to the system with a special connection lock.
  • Each element is automatically produced in arc welding robots.
  • It occupies very little space in storage.
  • The system is dipped galvanized.

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